Interview in the program  "New Morning"

under the heading of Dmitry Pivovarov "Star guest"

on the TV channel EFIR (2020)

Interview in the program of Anton Borovikov "Literary Insomnia" on the radio station Bim Radio (starts at 11 minutes) (2019)

Interview about the premiere of the new play Horizon of Silence and the Composer Academy Composers Plus (Lithuania, 2019)


Interview about the show Life N (La vie de N) for the tatar-inform information portal(2019):

Interview about the show Life N (La vie de N) on the radio station Millennium(2019):

Ruslan Rimanas(clown) and

Roman Parkhomenko (composer)


An article in a magazine about my musical performance "Campaign" (2019):

Press conference of the opera laboratory coOPERAtion.

Presentation of the idea of the opera "DIVE"

Composer - Roman Parkhomenko
Playwright - Lyubov Strizhak
Director - Ruslan Bitsoev
Scientist - Gulnaz Aleksashova
Artists: Olga Kravtsova, Elena Sakirko, Ekaterina Timofeeva, Anastasia Demkina