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Roman Parkhomenko - Seven preludes for s

Roman Parkhomenko (1993) is a composer from Russia. He is winner of many National and International composition competitions, active participant of workshops, seminars and residences in Russia, USA, Lithuania, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Israel, Austria, Cyprus, Spain. He composes contemporary orchestral, ensemble and electroacoustic music, as well as music for the theater and short film. 

His music is performed in Russia, Italy, Cyprus, Switzerland, Greece, Lithuania and Israel.

Among the performers of his music: Meitar Ensemble (Israel), MotoContrario Ensemble (Italy), Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble MCME (Russia), Socrates Leptos (Cyprus), Sofia-Ensemble (Russia), Pro-music Orchestra (Russia), ensemble “Russia” (Russia), Novosibirsk Youth Orchestra (Russia), Studio for New Music (Russia), GAMEnsemble (Russia) etc. His music was performed at international contemporary music festivals: CEME 2020 (Israel), VII St. Petersburg International New music festival 2020 (Russia), Europe and Asia 2017 (Russia), etc.

Roman is a resident of the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble ( MCME) in the
2020/2021 season.

Roman is a OpenCalls and Composition Courses Coordinator ( projects)

Roman Parkhomenko - Fellow of the Composers Union of Russia

  • 2000-2013: Kazan First Musical School named after P. I. Tchaikovsky; Piano, theory and guitar

  • 2013-2017: Kazan Musical College named after I. V. Aukhadeev;  Vocal arts, theory, piano, composition and conducting

  • 2014-2017: Kazan Theatre College; Acting and theatrical arts

  • 2017-present: Kazan State Conservatory (Academy) named after N. G. Zhiganov; The Composers department


-Roman Parkhomenko was an active participant in the following workshops,

academies and seminars:

  • CEME 2020 Contemporary Encounters Meitar Ensemble (Helmut Lachenmann, Philippe Leroux and Meitar Ensemble) (Israel, 2020) 

  • Composer courses at the VII St. Petersburg International New music festival (Russia, 2021)

  • X International Academy of Young Composers in Tchaikovsky city (Russia,  art.director - D. Kourliandski)

  • Academy for Contemporary Music in Lucerne (Switzerland, 2021)

  • Sound of Wander 2019 (Marco Momi and MDI ensemble (Italy, 2019)

  • Composer courses at the VII St. Petersburg International New music festival (Russia, 2020)

  • Contemporary Music Lab Composition Workshop (Cyprus, 2019)

  • International Composers+ Summer Academy 2019 (Lithuania, 2019)

  • Agora – Forum & Sounds (Italy, MotoContrario Ensemble, 2019)

  • Fusion Film Scoring (Greece, 2020)

  • Opera laboratory coOPERAtion (Russia, 2020/2021)
  • Composers reading sessions 2020 (Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble; Russia)

  • XIII Winter International Arts Festival (Russia, 2020)

  • Creative laboratory Open Space V (Russia, 2020, art.director - D. Kourlindski)

  • Composers reading sessions 2019 (Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble; Russia)

  • Composer courses at the VI St. Petersburg International New music festival (Russia, May, 2019)

  • International School of the Moscow Conservatory «New Classics» (Russia, 2018)

  • Summer Music Academy «Pro-music» (Russia, July, 2019)

  • Composition laboratory micromusiclab 2020 (Russia, Sept, 2020, art.director - D. Kourlindski)

  • Summer Music Academy «Pro-music» (Russia, Oct, 2020)

  • re:Formers Lab (Russia, 2021)

  • Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts (USA, February - March, 2019)

upcoming workshops and residences:
  • IMPULS. 12th International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music (Austria, 16 - 28 August 2021)

  • Playa Residency (USA, October - November, 2021)

  • International Workshop for Young Composers / International Divertimento Ensemble Academy (Italy, August 2021)

  • Composition and Sound Experimentation Workshop at Festival Mixtur (A+B) (Spain, 2021)


-Roman Parkhomenko is the First place winner in national and  international competitions:

  • V International Composers Laboratory “Open Space” (1st prize, art.director - D. Kourliandski, Russia, 2020)

  • VI International Competition of Composers «Dedication to Tchaikovsky» (Russia, 2018) 

  • 5 International Competition for Young Composers n/a S. Prokofiev (Russia, 2018) 

  • III International Festival - Competition of the Found «Orfeo» (Russia, 2018) 

  • Interregional Open Competition on the Composition of the Moscow State Music Institute A. Schnitke (Russia, 2018) 

  • Russian National Compositions Competition n/a S. Prokofiev (Russia, 2018) 

  • 5 International Competition Grand Music Art, «Composers» (Russia, 2018) 

  • III International Composers Competition «Fructus Temporum» (Russia, 2018) 

  • International Composition Competition (Russia, Kazan, 2016) 

  • Competition-festival of Young Musicians n.a A. Eshpay, Composition (Russia, 2017) 

master classes, lectures, individual lessons:

Helmut Lachenmann (Germany), Philippe Leroux (France-Canada), Dmitri Kourliandski (Russia), Raphael Sendo (France), Oscar Bianchi (Switzerland), Klaus Lang (Austria), Marco Momi (Italy), Vladimir Tarnopolski (Russia), Sarah Nemtsov (Germany), Stefan Prins (Belgium), Mauro Lanza (Italy), Sergej Newski (Russia-Germany), Alexander Khubeev (Russia), Yuri Kasparov (Russia), Andrew Toovey (Great Britain), Joanna Bailey (Great Britain), George Cristofi (Cyprus), Cosimo Colazzo (Italy), Raphael Staubli (Switzerland), Ruta Vitkauskaite (Lithuania-UK),  Jongwoo Yim (Korea), Krzysztof Mayer (Poland), Victor Ekimovsky (Russia), Nikolai Khrust (Russia), Jiri Bezdek (Czech Republic), Patrick De Clerck (Belgium), etc



Tristan Murray (France-USA, Columbia University), Bryn Harrison (Great Britain), Katharina Rosenberg (Switzerland-USA), Nikolai Popov (Russia), Alexander Manotskov (Russia), Ivan Uryupin (Russia)


MotoContrario Ensemble(Italy), MDI Ensemble(Italy), Moscow Ensemble of

Contemporary Music – MCME (Russia), Studio for New Music (Russia),

Ictus Ensemble (Belgium), Ensemble SEV (Israel).


Tristan Murray, Bryn Harrison, Katharina Rosenberg, Toshio Hosokawa.


  • La vie di N​ 

(PREMIER - 21/12/2019, Kazan, Russia)

Clown - Ruslan Rimanas

Director- Elena Kalaganova 

Composer - Roman Parkhomenko

Conductor - Roman Parkhomenko

  • opera "Dive"  

(PREMIER - 10/11/2021, Moscow, Russia)

Composer - Roman Parkhomenko
Playwright - Lyuba Strizhak
Director - Ruslan Bitsoev
Scientist - Gulnaz Aleksashova
Artists: Olga Kravtsova, Elena Sakirko, Ekaterina Timofeeva

Upcoming premieres:

  • 5.09.2021 - “Heralds” // Divertimento Ensemble // International Workshop for Young Composers IDEA (Italy)

  • 10.10.2021 - "Vertical" // Leire Antoñanzas // Festival Mixtur (Spain)

  • 30.10.2021 - Opera "DIVE" // Moscow Musical Theater “New Opera” (Russia, Moscow)