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ELEMENTS (Ensemble intercontemporain)
neon nature (Suono Giallo Ensemble)
HERALDS (Divertimento Ensembl)

Roman Parkhomenko  is a composer from Russia. 

He is a co-founder and curator of the Synesthesia Composition Workshop, co-founder and coordinator of the, coordinator of the International Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky city.

Over the years, he studied at the Kazan State Conservatory (composition class of prof. Vitaly Kharisov) and at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory (composition class of prof. Vladimir Tarnopolsky and composition class of prof. Yuri Kasparov).

He studied electroacoustic music with Nikolay Khrust at the CEAM Center for Electroacoustic Music of the Moscow Conservatory. 

He is the winner of 12 national and international composer competitions, including the Open Space competition (Russia), Novalis Competition (Croatia), Score Follower (USA), New Music Generation (Kazakhstan), etc.

His music is performed in Russia, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, USA, Cyprus, Lithuania, Israel and Greece. 

Among the performers of his music: Ensemble Intercontemporain (France), 

Divertimento Ensemble (Italy), Meitar Ensemble (Israel), Ensemble Suono Giallo, MotoContrario Ensemble (Italy), Ensemble SEV (Israel), Cologne Guitar Quartet (Germany), Moscow Contemporary Music EnsembleStudio for New Music, MolOt-ensemble, folk Instruments ensemble “Russia”, GAMEnsemble, Pro-Music Orchestra, Novosibirsk Youth Orchestra, Kazan Conservatory Symphony Orchestra, La Gol ensemble (Russia), etc.

Collaborated with such conductors as Jean Deroyer (France), Sandro Gorli (Italy), Igor Dronov, Maria Moiseenko (Russia), etc.

His music has been performed in cities of Russia, Italy, France, Austria, Israel, Switzerland, Spain, Cyprus, Lithuania, Croatia and Greece at such international festivals and academies as IRCAM ManiFeste-2022 (FR), Impuls (Austria, Graz), CEME 2023 (ISR), Newmusic Week 2023 (Italy) T&M Nîmes (France), Festival Mixtur (ESP), St. Petersburg International New Music Festival (RU, 2020, 21, 22, 23), IlSuono Contemporary Music Week 2022 (IT), CEME 2023 (ISR), International Divertimento Ensemble Academy (IT), Academy for Contemporary Music in Lucerne (CH), International Young Composers Academy in Ticino (CH), Novalis Festival (HR), Felicja Blumental (ISR), X International Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky city (RU), Agora - Forum & Sounds (IT), International Composer + Summer Academy (LT), Biomechanics Multimedia Festival (RU), ContComp (ISR), Europe and Asia (RU),  etc.

Parkhomenko's music was performed in such halls as the Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall, Great Hall of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, the Rachmaninov Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, the Novaya Opera Moscow Theatre, the Kazan Grand Concert Hall, the Moscow Philharmonic, CentQuatre-Paris, New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater, Sheremetevsky Palace, Theater Practice at the Museum of Moscow, Kamala Theater, MON Theater and others. and others.

Roman Parkhomenko is a composer of the electroacoustic science opera DIVE, which premiered at the New Opera Moscow Theater (2021).

The legendary Ensemble intercontemporain conducted by Jean Deroyer performed the world premiere of his piece Elements at the ManiFeste-2022, the IRCAM multidisciplinary festival and academy, in Paris on 2 July!

Roman is an active participant of workshops, seminars and residences in Russia, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, USA, Cyprus, Lithuania, Israel and Greece.

His piece Collision has been selected for Followmyscore by Score Follower!

Since 2020 - co-founder and coordinator of the - OpenCalls ( St. Petersburg).

He is also the coordinator of the Composition Course (St. Petersburg).

Since 2022 - coordinator of the International Young Composers Academy in Tchaikovsky city (Russia).

Since 2022 - curator of the direction 'Electroacoustic music' of the Sofia Gubaidulina Center for Contemporary Music in Kazan (Russia).

Since 2023 - curator of the Synesthesia Composition Workshop and Synesthesia Contemporary Art Lab (Russia).

Roman is a resident of the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (MCME) in the 2020/2021 season.

Roman Parkhomenko - Fellow of the Composers Union of Russia (2020, 2021, 2022).

Music by Roman Parkhomenko is published by the SovietWave label.

His piece Mist and Light, recorded by the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, was released on the Melodiya label in October 2022.

Roman Parkhomenko is an invited resident of the art residences Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts (USA, 2019), Playa Residency (USA, 2022), Peredelkino (Russia, 2022), GES - 2 (Russia, 2023).

In September 2024, the world premiere of his new piece commissioned by the Ensemble Mosaik will take place in Berlin.

In July 2023, Roman Parkhomenko was selected to participate in special programs at the Impuls (Graz, Austria): In-Situ – translucent spaces and Klangforum Wien + Johannes Kalitzke . Reading Sessions.

In early July, Roman Parkhomenko was invited to the Newmusic Week 2023 (Roma, Italy) with Marco Stroppa, Franck Bedrossian and mdi ensemble.

In May 2023, Roman Parkhomenko was accepted to participate in the Academy for Music Theater T&M Nîmes (France). 

On May 12, 2023, John Cage's opera 'SONG BOOKS' will also be performed at Church "PETIT TEMPLE" in France with sound design by Roman Parkhomenko. Director - Maria Fomicheva.

Roman Parkhomenko was invited from June to August as a resident at the GES-2 House of Culture (Moscow, Russia)

Currently, Roman is also working on pieces for the Israeli Ensemble SEV and the famous clarinetist Michel Marang.

Roman composed the music for the first clownery performance in the Republic of Tatarstan (Russia) called Life N.

Also, Roman Parkhomenko sometimes act as a


-Roman Parkhomenko was an active participant in the following workshops,

academies and seminars:

  • IRCAM ManiFeste-2022: with Ensemble Intercontemporain (Paris, France, June 20 - July 2)

  • IMPULS (Austria, Graz, 2023)

  • Newmusic Week 2023 with mdi ensemble (Roma, Italy, 2023)

  • CEME 2023 Contemporary Encounters Meitar Ensemble: Chaya Czernowin Master Course (Israel

  • Academy for Music Theater T&M Nîmes (France, May 2023

  • IlSuono Contemporary Music Week 2022: mixed media (Italy, July 16 - July 24)

  • Festival Novalis (Croatia, October 11 - October 16, 2022)

  • IMPULS. 12th International Ensemble and Composers Academy for Contemporary Music (Austria, 16 - 28 August 2021)

  • VIII St. Petersburg International New music festival (Russia, 2021)

  • International Divertimento Ensemble Academy - International Workshop for Young Composers (Italy, August - September, 2021)

  • Festival Mixtur: Composition and Sound Experimentation Workshop (Spain, 2021)

  • 5th International Young Composers Academy in Ticino (Switzerland)

  • X International Academy of Young Composers in Tchaikovsky city (Russia,  art.director - D. Kourliandski)

  • CEME 2020 Contemporary Encounters Meitar Ensemble (Helmut Lachenmann, Philippe Leroux and Meitar Ensemble) (Israel, 2020) 
  • Sound of Wander 2019 (Marco Momi and MDI ensemble (Italy, 2019)

  • Academy for Contemporary Music in Lucerne (Switzerland, 2021)

  • III International Master Courses for young composers in St. Petersburg (Russia)

  • Composer courses at the VII St. Petersburg International New music festival (Russia, 2020)

  • Agora - Forum & Sounds (Italy)

  • Opera laboratory coOPERAtion (Russia, 2020/2021)

  • Contemporary Music Lab Composition Workshop (Cyprus, 2019)

  • V International Composers Laboratory Open Space (Moscow, 2020; Art. Director - Dmitri Kourliandski)

  • International Composers+ Summer Academy 2019 (Lithuania, 2019\

  • Fusion Film Scoring (Greece, 2020)
  • GES-2 Residence (Russia, 2023)
  • Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts (USA, February - March, 2019)

  • Playa Residency (USA, November, 2022)

  • Peredelkino Residency (Russia, December, 2022)

  • GES-2 (Russia, June - Aug, 2023)

  • Composers reading sessions 2020 (Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble; Russia)
  • XIII Winter International Arts Festival (Russia, 2020)

  • Composers reading sessions 2019 (Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble; Russia)

  • Composer courses at the VI St. Petersburg International New music festival (Russia, 2019)

  • Summer Music Academy «Pro-music» (Russia, Oct, 2020)

  • International School of the Moscow Conservatory «New Classics» (Russia, 2018)

  • Summer Music Academy «Pro-music» (Russia, July, 2019)

  • Composition laboratory micromusiclab 2020 (Russia, Sept, 2020, art.director - D. Kourlindski)

  • re:Formers Lab (Russia, 2021)

  • CEAMMC Multimedia lab (Russia, 2021)
  • Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts (USA, February - March, 2019)

  • Playa Residency (USA, November, 2022)

  • Peredelkino Residency (Russia, December, 2022)

  • CEAM Residency (Russia)

  • GES-2 (Russia, June - Aug, 2023)


-Roman Parkhomenko is the Winner in national and  international competitions:

  • New Music Generation (Kazakhstan, 2022)

  • Novalis Competition (Croatia, 2022)

  • FMS2021 - Score Follower (USA, online, 2021)

  • V International Composers Laboratory “Open Space” (1st prize, art.director - D. Kourliandski, Russia, 2020)

  • VI International Competition of Composers «Dedication to Tchaikovsky» (Russia, 2018) 

  • 5 International Competition for Young Composers n/a S. Prokofiev (Russia, 2018) 

  • III International Festival - Competition of the Found «Orfeo» (Russia, 2018) 

  • Interregional Open Competition on the Composition of the Moscow State Music Institute A. Schnitke (Russia, 2018) 

  • Russian National Compositions Competition n/a S. Prokofiev (Russia, 2018) 

  • 5 International Competition Grand Music Art, «Composers» (Russia, 2018) 

  • III International Composers Competition «Fructus Temporum» (Russia, 2018) 

  • International Composition Competition (Russia, Kazan, 2016) 

  • Competition-festival of Young Musicians n.a A. Eshpay, Composition (Russia, 2017) 

master classes, lectures, individual lessons:

Helmut Lachenmann, Peter Ablinger, Chaya Czernowin, Dmitri Kourliandski, Beat Furrer, Pierluigi Billone, Klaus Lang, Mark Andre, Oscar Bianchi, Raphael Cendo, Pierre Jodlowski, Franck Bedrossian, Clara Iannotta, Stefano Gervasoni, Marco Stroppa, Philippe Leroux, Misato Mochizuki, Edmund Campion, Johannes Kreidler, Katharina Rosenberger, Sarah Nemtsov, Stefan Prins, Mauro Lanza, Marco Momi, Heinz Holliger, Dieter Ammann, Vladimir Tarnopolski, Sergej Newski, Joanna Bailey, Andrew Toovey, Alexander Khubeev, Yuri Kasparov, Nikolai Popov, George Cristofi, Cosimo Colazzo, Raphael Staubli, Ruta Vitkauskaite, Nikolay Khrust, Jongwoo Yim, Krzysztof Mayer, Victor Ekimovsky, Vladimir Rannev, Jiri Bezdek, Patrick De Clerck, Juste Janulyte, Agusti Charles, etc



also Tristan Murray, Bryn Harrison, Toshio Hosokawa


KlangForum Wien (Austria), mdi ensemble (Italy), MotoContrario Ensemble(Italy), MDI Ensemble (Italy), Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble – MCME (Russia), Studio for New Music (Russia), Ictus Ensemble (Belgium), Ensemble SEV (Israel)


  • La vie di N​ 

(PREMIER - 21/12/2019, Kazan, Russia)

Clown - Ruslan Rimanas

Director- Elena Kalaganova 

Composer Roman Parkhomenko

Conductor - Roman Parkhomenko

  • Electroacoustic Science Opera "DIVE" 

(PREMIER - 31/10/2021, New Opera Moscow Theater, Russia)

Composer - Roman Parkhomenko
Playwright - Lyuba Strizhak
Director - Ruslan Bitsoev
Scientist - Gulnaz Aleksashova
Artists: Olga Kravtsova, Elena Sakirko, Ekaterina Timofeeva

Engineer - Savva Chistolinov

Scientific consultants: Smirnov Vladimir, Marchenkov Alexey, Tselebrovsky Alexey, Isaeva Anna, Grachev Roman, Kartseva Tatyana, Zakharov Vladimir, Maksimov Georgy, Zazovskaya Elya

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